Edward A. Bajoka Reviews

Submitted by Chris on 05/16/2018

Goes Above and Beyond

Overall Rating

Edward was a wonderful lawyer, he fought for me and did not accept any deals from the prosecution. I felt that I was going down but he proved me Innocent, and I was... Thank you Edward you’re a lawyer that actually cares. He went above and beyond to help me, worked with me to give me my freedom and rights back. Thank you Edward. He’s not only a very professional lawyer, he’s also a man that understands people and works the hardest to save people that hire him.

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My decision with choosing Mr. Edward Bajoka to represent me made the world of a difference. I put my trust in his abilities and he delivered. He worked with my family, gave them insight on the case and made sure that everyone was prepared. Mr. Bajoka made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this case, and he worked around the clock to ensure my success. My family and I are forever grateful to him. Mr. Bajoka is a brilliant and dedicated lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone facing legal troubles.

Submitted by Michael on 05/16/2018

Best attorney ever!

Mr. Bajoka is the best attorney ever! He was an extremely talented and powerful litigator. I had confidence that my matter would be resolved efficiently and proactively. During the entirety of my case I always felt Mr. Bajoka was communicative every step of the way. When clients come to see their attorneys, they are generally in horrible situations, ones that need careful guidance and attention to details. Mr. Bajoka went over and above in providing me sound legal advice and advocating my rights to the fullest extent of the law. I would gladly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services!

Submitted by Frank on 05/16/2018

Thanks Eddie!!

There are two types of attorneys: those who merely passed the bar and those who actually win cases. Ed is certainly the latter. A skilled orator and an aggressive defender. His clients are lucky to have him!

I engaged Eddie to advise me for a case and he did an excellent job! He impressed me with his deep knowledge in this field, his genuine interest in my case, his staff and, on top of all, he has offered very practical legal advice. I felt that they actually cared for me as a person and just not a client.

They ensured that I was treated fairly every step of the way. Eddie understands human psychology, which comes in very handy when dealing with sensitive issues, and picking the right timing for negotiation. I would highly recommend Attorney Eddie for any sort of case. It has been a pleasure working with him & having the peace of mind of having my case in good hands.

Submitted by Chris on 05/16/2018