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Submitted by Rich on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Professional, Thorough, Compassionate

Overall Rating

epresented me for a DUI in Mecklenburg county. From beginning to end, extremely professional and thorough and always kept me informed as to strategy and was very realistic about my chances. Extremely tough case with at best 50/50 chance to win. He and Sherry put me at ease during this difficult time and never promised anything except their pledge to put forth the best effort possible, which they clearly did. Not only was my DUI dismissed but Allen was also able to get my Reckless Driving charge dismissed and my speeding charge reduced! Wow, far exceeded my expectations. DUI’s never easy in Mecklenburg, having an attorney of Allen’s caliber is definitely a must. Not only did he have superior knowledge of the intricacies of DUI defense but he clearly understood that sometimes bad things happen to good people and never made me feel a lesser person for having been charged. I can’t say enough about how well he represented me.

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My Experience with Allen Brotherton,Esquire

I consider it an honor to offer my opinion on the professional services which I have received from Allen Brotherton. He has been knowledgeable and provided me with all outcomes, the best to the worse and kept me informed and prepared every step of the way. I was particularly impressed in the manner in which he formulated a defensive strategy for me using an esoteric piece of case law for my defense. I trust him and would highly recommend him for any legal services which one may require.

Submitted by George on Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I have worked with Allen on multiple occasions since 2006 with regards to repeated poor choices with my son. Allen has always been available, even on short notice, compassionate, understanding, and supportive, and he has always kept us in the loop with the status of the case. I know that his level of expertise is beyond compare and his reputation within legal community has gained him much respect with colleagues, the district attorney’s office, and judges. I feel certain that there were several instances in our situation that would not have had a good outcome had we not had Allen. In addition his support staff is superb!!! I would recommend Allen without hesitation to anyone.

Submitted by Judy on Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Allen was referred to me by a colleague regarding a DWI and several other related charges that occurred in Nov 2013. I had absolutely no expectations other than needing representation to help me navigate the process and hopefully mitigate sentencing. After listening to the facts of my case, Allen was up front about the possible penalties but also that there were some areas that may be grounds for dismissal. Going into court that day, I was absolutely prepared for a conviction only to have the DWI and the most serious other charge dismissed. I was amazed. Watching Allen in court along with other lawyers and ADA’s, it is extremely evident that he gives respect to and receives the respect of the court. Going into court with anyone other than Allen Brotherton is a disservice to yourself. He is the best there is.

Submitted by Kevin on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Allen’s the best!

Allen is so knowledgeable and really helped me throughout the whole process and even afterward! He has helped numerous friends of mine and my sister too. Everyone who has ever worked with him will recommend him! You should too! Very affordable and has payment plans that made it easy for me to get top-notch representation without paying an arm and a leg up front! ????

Submitted by Jj on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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