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Qualities To Look For In a Lawyer

Qualities To Look For In a Lawyer

Nobody ever really likes to be in the position to have to find an attorney, but there are certainly times when a good lawyer is needed. When those times occur, it's good to find an attorney with specific qualities that will ensure the success of your case.  

Here are a couple of the qualities to look for in an attorney:


Appearance might seem trivial however it really isn't. The appearance is the first thing that you'll notice when meeting someone. Lawyers must be dressed professionally both inside and out of the courtroom they're working with. By looking professional individuals will take them more seriously from the start. 


Unless of course, your choice lawyer of choice is fresh out of college, all attorneys will have some kind of track record with previous cases and clients. Don’t be afraid to ask them about it. Discover what the types of cases there were and what his success rate is in settling the issue to his clients' advantage. 

Additionally, you can Google the individual or even ask for references from old customers. Whether or not he'll give them to you is iffy; however, it never hurt to ask. 


An effective attorney needs to be capable do something on schedule. Firstly, if he's a meeting with you and makes you wait for an hour, this may be a bad sign. Your time is just as valuable as the lawyer's time. Second of all, if the individual is continually late to meetings, how will you be assured that this person will be capable of getting to court in time? If the attorney is late to the court in time for a hearing or trial, then that could influence the judge and/or jury in a negative way that could have extreme effects on the overall outcome of your case. 


Communication is critical. Everyone knows that lawyers are in and out all day while they're taking care of different things. However, some lawyers are so busy that they become tough to get in contact with. Do your best to gauge how difficult the attorney may be to reach. This will ensure that all of your questions or concerned are answered during the process.