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How Can I Find An Excellent Workers' Compensation Attorney

How Can I Find An Excellent Workers' Compensation Attorney


How To Find An Expert Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Watch out what you accept for valid proof.  You need to compare attorneys and interview them.  Get comfortable with them before you say yes or sign something.  Read on and learn about hiring your attorney.

It is relatively uncommon for anyone to think about engaging a workers' compensation lawyer at any point before being injured on the job. Of course, when that happens to you, you are involuntarily thrust into an overwhelmingly complex world of legal jargon and unfamiliar processes.

There are so many decisions to be made in a brief period, and without the right kind of guidance, it is very easy to stumble into a pitfall, potentially diminishing or removing your chances for optimal compensation for being injured at work.

Seeking legal counsel is the right way to go, but how does one shop for a lawyer? Isn't the nature of the case time sensitive as it is? Is there time to look around for a "good" lawyer?

Let's make a simple comparison. When you go to the store in search of an apple, do you close your eyes and select whichever one is on the top? Very few people purchase their fruit that way, and of those that do, even fewer end up with a high-quality, bruise-free selection. 

It works similarly when choosing almost anything, including legal counsel: to find the best, it is imperative to dig through the pile and see what options exist.

What are the Qualities of a Good Workers' Compensation Attorney?


  • Intelligence is an excellent trait to have, and degrees from lofty schools are impressive, but when it comes to your workers' compensation case, your lawyer is going to need more than a sharp mind and an official, framed document to set you on the right path and get you all money & benefits that you deserve.
  • Good lawyers become great lawyers through years of experience, an ever-expanding depth of knowledge, keen attention to detail, and trustworthiness. After all, what good is it when a savvy lawyer wins your case, only to cheat you out of your compensation in the end? You have to be reasonably confident that your attorney is going to do what is in your best interest, rather than in his or her best interest.
  • Further, the experience that your attorney has should be primarily in the area of workers' compensation, as opposed to a garden variety of experiences.
  • Experience.  Experts are people who have acquired the highest degree of knowledge about a subject, not only through reading but also through experience. Experts workers' compensation attorneys are lawyers who have spent years passionately striving to achieve the best outcome of workers' compensation cases for a long line of clients.  In some states like Pennsylvania, they have special lawyer certifications and designation.



How to Find an Excellent Worker's Compensation Attorney



Be careful of billboard ads, phonebook blurbs, and even pop-up advertisements that appear during your search for a great attorneyespecially when looking for lawyers that are experts when you are hurt on the job. You will want to find a genuine expert.  So immediately eliminate those attorneys who focus primarily on other types of law.  You need a work injury lawyer in your state where you are employed; not necessarily where you live.

Instead of falling for a shooting star, search hard for depth of character and experience in the correct category or practice area.  Looking for these traits can easily be determined accurately using the internet, there are many clues about an attorney's abilities and qualities through their professional website. Websites, directories, and attorney matching sites are excellent places to evaluate and compare lawyers.  Many sites have directions about how it works on their sites.

What Should you be looking for on a workers’ compensation attorney’s website?  


  • The Practice area Workers’ Compensation is prominently shown.  Moreover, check to see that it's more than a check-box where they list more than a few different types of cases that this particular lawyer or firm has worked in the past.
  • Does the site have testimonials or lawyer reviews from previous clients who were satisfied with the service that they received?
  •  Is there a blog on the site with multiple articles related to workers' compensation topics? Is there any mention of the attorney's track record?

These are the things to look for because they will indicate whether or not the attorney is passionate about the type of case that you have.


Meet the Attorney for a Consultation


Beyond the website, you can determine the quality of an attorney by meeting with him or her in person or while on the phone. Most firms will offer a free consultation (so beware if they charge for this service).

That consultation is not only an opportunity for a lawyer to learn about you and your case, it is also a chance for you to interact, and see for yourself how genuine and knowledgeable this person is. Do they listen to you, or are they trying to talk over you? Are they patient, yet authoritative, simultaneously demonstrating their level of expertise and care?

These are the items to look for when searching for a workers' compensation attorney who is passionate about your case, cares about you and has the necessary experience to get the job done.