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3 Things Attorneys Must Do For Clients

3 Things Attorneys Must Do For Clients

When hiring an attorney know that he or she owes you certain duties. Among others, the obligation to avoid conflicts of interest, confidentiality, and providing competent representation are prevalent duties that should be offered by your lawyer.

What Do These Duties Mean For You?

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

The attorney's duty to avoid conflicts of interest implies that your attorney cannot represent someone else whose interests are adverse to yours. This does not necessarily mean that an attorney cannot represent someone whose business is in competition with yours. So if the attorney is helping you negotiate a lease, the attorney cannot represent the other party to that lease or another individual who wants the same space. 

An attorney can represent two parties that can have conflicting interests if both parties are fully informed and consent to the representation. This may occur where two people want to go into business together, but only need to employ one individual to draft their partnership arrangement. 


The attorney's duty of confidentiality implies that everything you talk about with her or him is kept secret. Which implies that you could feel free to discuss the details of one's business with your attorney without having to worry that your opponents or anyone else will hear about it. 

Competent Representation

The attorney's duty to provide competent representation implies that an attorney must tell you if she or he doesn't have the experience to handle your matter. An attorney is allowed to take a reasonable time period to get familiar with a field of law. But if it's overly complicated, or if the attorney does not have time to get up to speed on the subject, then she or he should refer you to a lawyer who practices in that specific area. An attorney also has a responsibility to diligently represent the customer.